Our Treat Shop


Do you love homemade bread, pie or cookies?  Have a sweet tooth?  Our onsite ‘Delightfully Delicious’ shop is where we whip up your favorite treats and temptations.  Order in advance and we’ll have your special requests ready when you arrive.

Pumpkin Rolls • Cinnamon Rolls • Pecan Pie  • Donuts • Cookies • Cheesecake Bars  • Brownies • Savory Yeast Breads • Dinner Rolls • Fried Apple Pies • More!

* Gluten-free, Keto, Paleo, Sugar-free and Dairy-free also available *

We’ll post our 2023 Menu soon – but in the meantime – please contact us to inquire about available products or custom requests we can provide just for you! And don’t forget to say hi to our official ice cream tester!